My name is Ricardo Forde, I currently live in New York City. I work for a Billion dollar company responsible for building and renovating all of New York City’s schools. I have worked there for 19 years and I am responsible for writing and awarding hard bid construction contracts. I have overseen about 700 million to 1 billion dollars in construction projects. This knowledge I’ve obtained has helped me and can help you build your own home in Barbados. I was Born in Barbados in 1970 and migrated to Brooklyn, NY in 1977. I witnessed my mother and father’s hard work and dedication to support five (5) children with low paying jobs. My mother, the visionary was able to save her money from her low paying job to purchase land in Barbados along with one of my Aunts. She then proceeded to build her home from the ground up. She did this without borrowing any money from a financial institution . Her method; she sent money to Barbados piece by piece until the house was completed. This was the way the people of my mother’s generation built their homes; in “stages”, it is called. She has told me some stories about her experience dealing and working with the contractor and getting some things done, she was able to see somethings not built to her liking and some things built incorrectly. I am now ready to build my own house along with my brother and we are learning the process in Barbados. As one would imagine, things have changed from the time my mother build her home. A mortgage is something many people get these days. My brother and I will do it the old fashion way, in stages. I created this website to help those people who want to build their homes in Barbados or any other place in the world in “stages” without taking out a mortgage and going into debt. I will provide you with the do’s and don’ts, must have’s, how to choose a Contractor and even how to be your own General Contractor and much more. Also, I can provide consultation toward building your home for an affordable fee.